Specialty Services

In addition to standard interior design, please take a moment to browse some of our other helpful services.

Patio design

When you get as little sun as we do in Portland some years, it is important to optimize your outdoor space. Having a comfortable and well organized area is essential for maximizing your time in our beautiful outdoors.

Custom Window Treatments and Draperies

Getting the right fabrics and materials for your windows is incredibly important and something that people don’t take the time to address due to it’s difficulty. We can take the worry and stress off of your plate and make your windows absolutely gorgeous.

Rental and Vacation Home Decor

This is an area where we can use our expertise and resources with vendors to get the best price on durable/stylish fabrics and furnishings for your home. With many people wanting to visit/rent your property getting the right furniture and fabrics is essential for longevity. You don’t have to sacrifice style and beauty for durability.

Office Space Design

How can I design my home office space? Home office space for your employee or yourself. Let us inspire your work productivity whether home office or away office. We offer Repurpose Space Planning and Reconfiguration Services for your home office space. Use our efficient office ideas and incorporate your work goals and personal characteristics to drive inspiration and to maximize productivity.

Color Consultations (exterior and interior)

One of the first things people will notice about your home is the exterior color. There is a lot to be said about curb appeal. It matters. As for your interior space, the color scheme should reflect your personality and give exactly what you need throughout the day. Whether that is a happy color like a bright yellow or a relaxing subtle blue, we can help.

Aging In Place

This is a specialty service that few interior designers can offer. Being a RN for 17 years and performing at home assessments/recommendations I know what people need to age in place. There are many components to recognize if you want to age in your own home. With my expertise you can age in comfort with functionality and style. Let us help you with your future in mind. I also consult in nursing homes and assisted living communities.

2-Hour Consultation

This 2 hour informational design consultation may answer all those random questions that come up when designing your space. It can cover questions about your remodel or new build to avoid costly mistakes. It can be furniture placement for a more functional and refreshed living space. It can be a color consultation with a color specialist to get that perfect hue. This time with a professional will give you the peace of mind needed to motivate you and make your design dreams a reality. We look forward to hearing from you.

Holiday Decor

We love to decorate for the holidays. I have received many compliments on how beautiful and festive my home, and our clients homes look after we have decorated. Having an elegantly designed home makes the holiday feel festive, inviting and fun to all who come and celebrate. Whether its Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas or any other holiday, hiring an interior designer will delete a task off your busy holiday planning list.